Protection, Beautification & Restoration

VeraFloor Systems was founded on one very important principle- put our clients needs before our own. Whether that client is the Federal Government, Our Valued Contractor Partners or the End User/Property Owner, our commitment to principle remains the same. Our industry is constantly evolving and VeraFloor is committed to keeping up with the changes. We use the most technologically advanced tools and most comprehensive services to help fulfill our clients flooring needs.

What we do...

  • Concrete Polishing | A revolutionary method of altering your existing concrete slab by grinding with progressively finer diamond tooling. The ultra honed surface becomes non porous, maintenance free and a lasting alternative to coatings and sealers.
  • Restoration Work | Crack and patch repair, joint clean, fill and shave, floor leveling, anti-slip texturing, re-coloration to any concrete surface. Costly new concrete pouring may be avoided. At budget and guaranteed to be structurally sound.
  • Concrete Cleaning/Mastic Removal | VeraFloor uses the most advanced, least destructive methods to clean and prepare concrete surfaces. All VeraFloor machinery are connected to dust limiting vacuums. Concrete preparation is the single most important factor in achieving strong bond and lasting coatings, sealers and toppings.
  • Concrete Protection | Epoxy Coatings, Protective Hardeners and Sealers, Flexible Membrane, Static Dissipative, High Build, Slurry Systems and many other methods of protecting your investment are available to you or your client.
  • Concrete Stain Work | VeraFloor provides concrete stained floors to several national chain retail and commercial organizations. The residential market continues to explore and apply decorative stain within the home. VeraFloor has completed stain applications on kitchen floors, basement floors, exterior terraces and most living spaces with concrete substrates.
Self Leveling Concrete Photo Gloss Sealer Photo Concrete Stain Photo